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About We Are Wheelhouse

we provide dynamic visual imagery for people and businesses alike.

show others your perspective & share your story.

let that story be told with beautiful imagery and content.  

Every visionary imagines before an image is created. What makes up that image is calculated by light, color, and composition. Your passion, paired with our creative process, sets the foundation for making the ‘imagined’ a true reality. With over two decades of experience in multimedia industries, we understand how to merge content in a way that connect the visionary in us all. We believe that this world of ours is fueled by captivating imagery and our passion is to deliver just that. We create dynamic content and sound by learning about what is important to you and effectively capturing one of a kind, unique story of image, video, and sound to let your vision come to life. That’s our Wheelhouse.

Services in our Wheelhouse


It’s captured. It’s documented. It was. And it is. Something about a photograph that lives on. Capturing photographs for our clients is one of our favorite things to do. We get to freeze that moment looking its best. Our photography skill sets range from the corporate world, weddings, and to the ever so delicate newborn toes- and everything in between. Lifestyle work, portraits, product photography, and even aerial work are in our wheelhouse.



Authentic, real-motion captured. We convey your vision with an authenticity to your brand and deliver with the exact feeling or point of view you desire. Linking that individual mission with passion and visual simulation is our wheelhouse. Whether it’s a dramatic cinema creation or a simple, but high-quality recording, our goal is to deliver in the highest quality using the latest technology and equipment possible. From static recording, corporate culture, aerial drone work, to cinema-style storytelling your video needs are covered in our wheelhouse. 


What is heard can tell a story on its own, give a sense of feeling, or share a message. Capturing high-quality audio, state of the art recording technology makes your investment a solid one. The audio aspect of visual storytelling makes it more compelling, ensuring your vision is communicated effectively. Not as simple as one may think, audio services include voice over, sound effects, custom scores and more. Ensuring the message is crisp and clear is our wheelhouse. 


Enhancing the visual experience. Giving a presence a step above reality. Taking your image to the next level is what our visual effects artists do best. When real film shooting merges with enhanced or animated imagery, VFX is born in post-production editing. Think anything that couldn’t be done in a live-action shoot- simple transition, an addition of text or logo, or a full out animated sequence can all be flawlessly created within our wheelhouse.

Brands In our Wheelhouse

Wheelhouse Collective provides dynamic services for the corporate & commercial client wanting to excel their presence using photo, video, audio & visual effects. From social media content creation, documentaries, live filming to commercials, let Wheelhouse Collective be a partner in taking it to the next level. 

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Audio
  • VFX

Together We Click was born out of love. The creative marriage of photography and videography cohesively creating a dynamic memory of your wedding day. A merge of love and art mixed with candid emotional experiences documenting your best day ever. Based in Ohio, willing and ready to travel.

  • Wedding Photography
  • Wedding Videography
  • Custom Wedding Albums
  • Engagement Portraits

Your life is ever-changing, your moments are made right now. Our lifestyle portrait photography and videography studio is dedicated to capturing the memory of your life in the present.Based in central Ohio, but offering services all over the country, even on your vacation!

  • Family portraiture
  • Children and Pets of all ages
  • High School Senior pictures
  • Maternity, Birth, & Newborn
  • Lifestyle & on-location 

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Brands in our Wheelhouse